Let Us Help You Achieve Your Home Selling Goals

Sell your home or property with our groups numerous years of experience that we will guarantee selling your home. This can be done through use of our uniquely personalized and consistent methods to make sure the home is presented with its "Best Foot Forward".  

As Seller You have the option of a number of our guarantees:

Performance Guarantee Program

Your Home Sold In 29 Days or I’ll Pay Your Mortgage Until It Sells!!

We are going to be working together using proven methods to get home sold for top dollars and as fast as possible. You will be able to hold us to the fire, let us get the most interest and top dollar for your home. Using the trends in your area we will be able to help you make your home sell quick guaranteed or I will pay your mortgage until it sells.

Certified Pre-Owned Property Program

This will present your home as a wise and honest purchase for future buyers. We will have home inspected, fully functioning, appraised, and a warranty included. As such you will be able to achieve higher top dollar sale price as all parties will not have any surprises through out this process regarding condition and value of property. Homes that meet these requirements will be awarded the Certificate showing its great condition and be advertised as such a superb home.

CPOP_Certificate- Zack S.jpg

Printed Certificate & Branded Online Print

Relieves the stresses of unkowns for potential buyers.

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Sign Ryder Installed In Yard

Seller Satisfaction Guarantee Program

We offer the Satisfaction Guarantee if you are not happy with my service, communication, results, or experience you will be able to exit our contract, Risk Free.

I do not for see that ever occurring as I will be having your best interests in mind through out this and that reason I got into industry was from my past real estate experiences. Side note, no one has wanted or exercised this guarantee since we have been in business.

Seller Communication Guarantee

We guarantee weekly updates, showing feedbacks, market update, open house summary, or other process updates with flexible communication via Call/ Email/ Text, and will treat you the way you wish to be treated. If we are not communicating to your satisfaction express that to us and you will have the ability to fire us if your not happy. 

Easy Exit Guarantee Program

I know that you do not want to be locked into a contract, no one does. We all should be held accountable and should do what we say and as such you can fire me if your not happy with a simple written notice.

We offer the minimal amount of promise from my sellers and allow them to exit our deal if they are not happy with my service, communication, results, or experience. All I ask for is a written email or letter explaining why we wish to cancel and we will go our separate ways. 

Smart Seller Guarantee Program

For folks who want to continue to market their home and yet get the benefits of an agent this is it. We both can get your home out on market working to get you a buyer. We offer a menu for discounted services and commission rates depending on final outcome scenario. We will both work together on finding a buyer and if you beat me on finding a buyer then you will not be responsible for owing me a commission for my services. 

You will get the benefit of “No Pressure” Presentation where I will never allow you to be “pressured” by the buyer’s agent. All offers will be delivered to me and will be presented to you with our recommendations, so you can make your decisions privately.

Cancel the Listing at Any Time If for some reason we do not provide 100% satisfactory service, just let us know. We promise to remedy the situation within 24 hours. If you are still not satisfied, we will release you unconditionally from the listing agreement with no further obligation.

Contact us today to talk more and see if listing your home is the right step.